Design Ads is an advertising network focused on the design niche, to market good designs, design oriented products, design related services, products and tools to design oriented audiences of designers, design enthusiasts, architects, artists, makers, editors, innovators and companies through Banner Ads, Niche Channels, Editorial Placement and Design PR.

Banner Ads

Available in formats of Large Rectangle 336 x 280, Medium Rectangle 300 x 250, and Grand Square 600 x 600, distributed to member websites and networks in design niche. Animated or Still Gif, JPG or PNG is accepted, ads must be less than 100kb for Large Rectangle and Medium Rectangle, and shall be less than 400kb for Grand Square. Your banner ads will be distributed through design magazines in DXGN and IDNN platforms. Your websites should be relevant to design niche, or should have a good design. Each Ad is reviewed and manually set-up for you. The ad banner placements are prepaid and your ads will be displayed till your pre-paid budget runs out, the invoice is issued at the moment of purchase. Your ads will start to be displayed once they are approved by editors. If your ads will not be approved, you will be requested to provide different ads, if your website or url is not approved, you will get refunded. In order to start with banner ads, please contact us first.

Niche Channels

Reach your exact audience. For design competition, contest and award organizers, advertising opportunities are available through, for design event organizers such as design symposiums, design trade shows and design conferences, advertising opportunities are available through world design event calendar. For companies with great design who wish to get prestige and publicity for their design-oriented products, we suggest applying to a design award. If you need to buy or sell designs, is at your disposal. Advertising in Niche Channels is highly effective and the return on investment is highest since you will be able to reach your exact audience, i.e. people who are actively searching for your events, services or products. For Niche Channels we are only accepting highly relevant advertisement and placements subject to editorial approval. Before ordering Niche Channel placements, please contact us for rates and availability.


Available in Short and Long Article Formats, distributed through content-syndication networks. Short Article Format (Advertorial) requires 600 x 600 jpg image cover, title, url, keywords and text, placement in 50 blogs. Long Article Format (Editorial) requires 20 images, 20 paragraphs, title, subtitle, keywords, learn more link, distributed to 150 blogs. Each paragraph should be 100-150 words, and the article must be very well done, written in proper English. Both advertorial and editorials are subject to approval, content must be relevant to design niche and useful for the audience and the magazines. Editorial Placement is a relatively cost-effective advertising possibility that drives constant traffic, unlike banner ads, you will continue to receive clicks throughout the life of the publication. Furthermore, editorial placements help you improve your search engine rankings and helps you get discovered. For rates and possibilities please contact us.

Design PR

Targeting traditional media and wide editorial coverage? Specialized PR Services are available for companies and designers through specialized PR Partners. DesignPRWire especially helps design companies, artists, architects and designers to get PR Coverage. DesignPRWire serves only companies who actually have a good design to promote, whereas PRHow is a self-serve PR Platform where you could purchase press release distribution or preparation services. The Design PR services by PRHow and DesignPRWire allows you to get editorial placements in large blogs and magazines, potentially helping you reach millions or tens of millions of viewers, however the possibility of editorial placement depends on the quality of design and company being pushed, the press kit contents and composition of PR images. Please contact us for a quote.


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